Does Resistance Band Really Work?

Does Resistance Band Really Work?

Does Resistance Band really work? This is indeed one of the most asked questions when people visit our website to buy the resistance band. If experts are to be believed then yes, they do.

Resistance bands do help in building strength and muscle mass. However, dumbbells have been considered the best, rather go-to equipment for muscle building but resistance bands can be equally effective if used well.

These bands are designed in such a way to build your muscle by stabilizing the muscle groups and providing extra lift-up to other exercises that you do in accordance with body weight. But what are these resistance bands and how do they really help? Let’s figure it out.

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So basically to keep it very simple, resistance bands are flat or looped bands that are slightly rubbery in texture. These bands come in different colors, sizes, lengths, and strengths. These bands work by adding an external force on the bands without having to hold the extra weight. If added well in the training, these bands can actually fire up your muscles.

These bands help you focus more on keeping control of your body, increase flexibility and even help in rehabilitation. Usually, when someone comes back from an injury, they add resistance bands to their rehabilitation to get fit and well faster but now more people are combining these bands with their workouts, taking them to the gym, parks, or even along when they travel.

But this doesn’t stop here. Resistance bands have more benefits than anyone could have ever anticipated. Here are the advantages of the Resistance band that you should pay more attention to.

They give you a Cost-effective workout: 

Investing in workout equipment can cost you a ton but resistance bands are an inexpensive addition to your home workout equipment.

Helps you exercise your whole body altogether: 

Unlike other workout equipment, resistance bands are not made just for one part of your body, instead, you can exercise your whole body with just one band or maybe with a set of two.

Can be used as a Pre-workout for heavy sessions: 

Resistance bands are great for toning smaller muscle areas, they are also great for activating muscles prior to your heavy lifting sessions or cardio exercise. By using resistance bands this way, you can ensure that your muscle groups are working properly or not.

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Now that you know the advantages of having a resistance band with you. Here are the exercises that you can do to make them work. With resistance bands, you can use them as part of a variety of fitness routines and workouts. You can also increase your flexibility, and muscular endurance and can even add them to your regular push-ups for increased difficulty.


Now, after knowing how well resistance bands work, people often get confused with replacing them with free weights. WErFIT has a take on this as well. Free weights will feel heaviest at the beginning of the arc motion that your arm makes, while resistance bands make your muscles work harder at the end.

Both have their own way of helping you out. But still, if you’re looking for some good quality resistance bands, then wefit resistance bands are more comfortable on the skin than others. High-quality resistance bands also absorb sweat to give you the maximum grip during your workout sessions.

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