3 Simple Steps to Make Your Exercise Habit Stick

3 Simple Steps to Make Your Exercise Habit Stick

Exercise shouldn’t be a chore. Here’s how to make it easy.

Most people tell me that the main reason their health isn’t where they want to be is that they have trouble staying fit.

This is a universal problem.

But we can take steps to make it easier. I will outline two habits to help you stay addicted to exercise.

Do something every day + Find things you enjoy

Exercise and movement in general are essential for good health. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder or a runner, or even call yourself an “athlete.”

But you need to do exercise regularly.

Exercise is the basis of our health. This is always the first pillar I address because I believe that good exercise is the first step to improving our health.

What can you do

1. Do something every day

This is a great way to make exercise sustainable.

You don’t need to think about whether you’re going to exercise today. You know you are. And daily exercise is the fastest way to good health.

It doesn’t have to be a complete workout every day. You still need days of rest to heal your body.

It just moves your body in a certain way every day.

There may be days when you have problems, such as a longer run or strength training. Then you might have a lighter day where you go for a 30 minute walk or do a yoga session.

Do one thing every day so you don’t have to make decisions.

2. Do something you enjoy

It may be weird, but you don’t have to suffer from exercise.

If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, find something else.

I don’t like running. That’s why I’m not running. I love rowing machines, so yes. Or I’ll go for a walk. I’m either doing HIIT on a bike or with a kettlebell.

But I enjoy strength training. That most of my training time I’m in the gym lifting weights.

Don’t feel like you have to do something because others are doing it. There are so many ways to exercise. Don’t suffer through it.

Exercise should be enjoyable.

You don’t need to suffer through exercise to be healthy.

If you find yourself dreading your exercise sessions, or not doing them at all, see if you can make the habit smaller so you can do it every day, and switch up what you’re doing until you find something you actually enjoy.

3. Start with small exercises.

The best way to get used to exercising is to start exercising as quickly as possible, even when you are running low on willpower and can’t get motivated to work out. In the words of Leo Babauta, start with something that is so easy you can’t say no.

Here’s a strategy you can use at the beginning: The 2 minute rule.

It’s very simple: focus on finding a way to start in just 2 minutes, instead of worrying about your entire workout.

Are you trying to find motivation to run? Just fill the water bottle and put on your running shoes. That’s all you need to do to consider a successful workout right now. Usually this little start of 2 minutes is enough to motivate you and help you finish the job.

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