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Happy, healthy, and productive while working remotely

Working Remotely has many benefits, but if don’t do it right, it can ruin your work-life balance. Below are some of what I’ve learned while working remotely as a developer over the last two years.

1. Keep your mobile phones out of reach

Digital alerts, such as phone calls and push notifications, are more productive. If we choose to respond to a warning, it will divide our working hours into two parts, or if choose to act, it will occupy part of our mind. That’s why it’s good to have a cell phone outside of workplace.

Tip : Most of the time spent on our mobile phone is longer than we expected. To reduce the time spent on the screen, try checking your phone only a few times a day, at times planned by you.

2. Do not sleep in your workplace

Our brain interacts with area of activities we do there. When we relax and work in same place, we have a better chance of switching between relaxation mode and work mode. Separate spaces for both can help reduce sleep-rated thoughts and relax while working.

Tip: Dressing up for the office at work is a great way to change your work mentality when you’re at home.

3. Sleep Early Wake up Early

This is the most discussed topic, but I have found that getting up early is better for me. The sun and the morning breeze are also worth the effort.

I feel more productive when I start work early in the morning, my mind is fresh and full of energy to solve difficult problems. After lunch, we will find plenty of free time to rest. 6:00 to 14:00 is my favorite working hours.

Getting to bed early for the next day and making sure you have at least 8 hours of sleep is very important for maintaining a cycle.


4. Fitness

If you don’t have time for health, your priorities may be in the wrong order. Health is a big problem for information workers, who spend most of their time sitting down. Going to exercise is a great way to take a break from your normal work environment and recharge your batteries mentally and physically.

Tip: Make sure you keep your body mass index and body fat percentages within limits.

5. Reading

We are average of the people around us, so if we only work remotely, we can improve ourselves by reading . Reading brings us to the minds of different people. It also provides us with knowledge of the areas we want to study. The time invested in reading always pay off. These are the books I read

6. Have fun on the weekend

It’s natural and easier for us to stay at home, but it’s better to go out for weekend emulation. Do something different on the weekend, have fun, get dirty, get physically exhausted. Do things that will keep your mind free and ready for the coming week.

I like to go to multi-day camps and long-distance cycling.

7. Side Projects

Side projects are fun, great to learn, and open up opportunities for new opportunities. You can work on anything that interests you, also try to explore projects outside for profession. I love working on projects, including writing, drawing, creating digital products, gardening and more.


Nothing lasts forever, use your time now. All these points are not strong. I always try new things and I love the ones that work for me, please let me know if you have any suggestions for me.

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