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Yoga is a journey that accumulates your body and heals with divine spiritual powers. In one way or another, yoga is widely practiced worldwide as it provides efficient ways to slow down the natural turbulence of your thoughts and give balance to your body. Many believe that some yogic poses also have the power to still the restless mind.

Well, yoga offers a few poses that make your mind a dynamic center. With slight variations, all these yoga poses and practices have one thing in common- A Yoga Mat. A yoga mat not only provides you comfort while practicing yoga, but it also helps maintain your balance and have the right posture.

But, it may sound as exotic as it gets, de-stressing, relaxing, and keeping fit with a regular yoga routine, it’s almost as difficult to find the right yoga mat that has enough cushioning to protect our body and joints.


Believe it or not, yoga is best practiced when practiced in nature’s arms, with no artificial cooling. As a result, many yoga postures can make you sweat. This is where a yoga mat comes in. To harness the best of your yoga postures, you want a yoga mat so you don’t slip on it with your posture.

When I started practicing yoga, two years back, I started using regular cloth as a prop. But that didn’t work well. When you practice yoga, your body produces an ample amount of heat and my cloth prop proved to be unable to resist the transfer of warmth of my body onto the ground.

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This is how I discovered the WErFIT yoga mat. My perfect yoga buddy to keep the energy flowing while practicing yoga.

Designed according to your body:

WErFIT yoga mat is designed according to my body and yours too.

A yoga mat is a cover that is used for multiple reasons and is designed accordingly, so that you can practice all sorts of yoga methods such as lying, meditating, seating poses, and backward positioning. Usually, they are made of regular plastic material but WErFIT is made from biodegradable material and free from PVC, silicone, latex, and other toxic materials.

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Helps you get the right pose

While practicing yoga, one needs to stretch the body from different angles. This way, The anatomy and flexibility of every muscle and joint vary from one another. So, the WErFit yoga mat helps you concentrate on distinct focal points while practicing different asanas without any chaos.

There are some poses that make you realize the importance of a good yoga mat. Trikona Asana (Triangle pose) is the perfect example of the same. Practicing this asana with your front foot on a regular mat will make your front leg.

You’ll slip forward into an awkward front split. WErFIT Yoga Mat is designed in a way to give you maximum grip while doing even some difficult poses.

It’s important to make your mat your yoga buddy because, unlike other apparel or substitutes, a mat can be used for a longer amount of time.

Thus, it is important to buy a mat that provides both good quality and durability. WErFIT Yoga Mat provides you with great traction and comfortable padding. Also, for those extra-long yoga sashes, we have mats made of the finest quality material.

Comes in different sizes; Werfit yoga mats provide you with enough support and extreme comfort during sweaty yoga practices. Thus, wait no longer; bring home your yoga buddy now.

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