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Easy Workouts You Can Do With Door Anchor

Whenever we talk about the ease of working out, the thought of working out at home comes in handy. Home brings the comfort of working out, for people with introverted nature, it’s a big positive. Thanks to the little stretchy saviors, one can easily do their chest and shoulder workout using the door anchor. How? We’re here to open the playbook for you. Here are some easy exercises that you can do with door anchors. But, before taking a deep dive let’s look at the equipment that we’ll need to have the best pecs of life.

Resistance Band: Resistance bands are a piece of perfect equipment for having the door anchor workouts. These bands help tone the muscles and shoulders and are very effective and simple to exercise with. Resistance bands can fit into any workout regimen or can be used to create a new exercise routine altogether. It’s really important to use the right resistance band for a door anchor workout that gives you a perfect grip so that all your focus stays on your workout only. Werfit resistance tube can be secured to any standard door as an anchor point for resistance tubing.

Easy workouts you can do with door anchor

  • Chest Press: 

One of the easiest ways to leverage most of the door anchors is the chest press exercise. Chest press can be performed seated or standing with the help of resistance tubes. This way, one can even perform incline and decline chest presses just by raising or lowering the height of the selected door anchor.

  • Trunk Rotation: 

Trunk rotation is another effective yet easy exercise that can be done targeting different muscles of the body. For doing Trunk rotation, one needs to attach the resistance tube with the door anchor strap. Select an anchor point (high or low) between the muscles. Core muscles play a big role in trunk rotation exercise, thus they can be raised or lower down are per the movement of your arm. For getting the most of the exercise, slowly rotate your trunk and arms away from the wall.

  • Shoulder Row: 

Another easy workout you can do with a door anchor is shoulder row. A shoulder row is an excellent exercise that helps in tightening the muscles of the shoulders. With door anchors, shoulder rows can be performed in both seated and standing positions. Attach the resistance tube to an anchor point and keep the shoulder at an approximate height, slowly pull your hands towards your body while feeling the increase in the tubing tension as your muscles contract.

  • Hip Abduction or Extension: 

Hip Abduction or extension is an easy-to-do exercise that can be done with your WeRfit resistance band. You can add an array of hip- strengthening exercises to your daily routine using a door anchor resistance tube. All you have to do is attach the resistance tube to the lowest anchor point, stand with your side towards the wall. Slowly lift the strapped leg out away from your side and against the resistance of the tubing and you’re good to go.

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