strenght training at home for beginners

Strength Training At Home For Beginners

If you’ve just started your strength training, you must be skeptical about what to do and what not to do?

If you’ve started strength training at home, things become even more difficult as you hardly have any guidance on where to get started. We’ve got your back! Your idea of getting started with strength training in itself is a big positive so sit back and relax!

Whether your goal is to build toned muscle mass or a fitter, lifting weights can help you achieve all your goals.

However, one thing to be very clear about is that if you’re a beginner and have started your strength at home, it doesn’t have to be excess of everything. Just go slow by opting for the relatively simple way of exercising that uses resistance training in the form of free weights.

Here is your go-to guide for strength training at home.


Dumbbells: The beginner’s thing that you need in your strength training kit is no doubt Dumbbells. A set of dumbbells can do wonders for you and give you the exact toned muscles that you’re wanting to have.

Door Anchors: Door Anchors make look like a simple thing but trust me, there’s more to it. Door anchors, when used with resistance bands, give you perfect grip. They can be very well used as an alternative to dumbbells if you’re a beginner. Not only this, Door anchors come for as little as 300 rs. You can check out WeRfit Door anchors to pair them up with your resistance bands

Resistance Bands: As mentioned before, resistance bands are a great alternative for dumbbells when paired with door anchors. The multi-color elastic bands provide different levels of resistance when pulled apart and stretched further. These bands come at such a reasonable price and always prove to be a super hit for your home workout- they are light in weight so you can carry them with you when you travel as well.

Do’s and Don’ts: 

When you’re hitting up with your strength training workout at home, here are all the do’s and don’t that we advise you to do.

  • Warm-Up: Aerobic exercises ask for some warm-up before getting into the main exercise. Strength training works best with a warm-up like a 5-minute jog and brisk walk. This will help in increasing your blood flow to your muscles and prime your muscles for a good workout.
  • Keep your workouts no longer than 45 minutes: In order to get the workout perfect, keep your sessions for no longer than 45 minutes. You’ll not reap any benefit from long sessions and Instead, you’ll increase the risk of burnout and muscle fatigue.
  • Start Light: When getting started with strength training at home, don’t rush into things. Instead, start light. Begin with 1 or 2 sets of weight lifting and then gradually progress to 3 sets or more.
  • Increase the weights gradually: Once you’ve started and are now all set with your sets and reps, slowly increase the weight so that you don’t end up hurting yourself, say 5 to 10 percent increase.

Workout at home is easy to do but to make it effective, you need to be well versed with what you need at what time. As our recommendation goes, WErFIT equipment is great and lightweight to help you make the best of your strength training at home.

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