cardio exercise at home for beginners

Cardio Exercises At Home For Beginners

As the weather is in the rapid-changing mode, outdoor enthusiasts are moving back to home for doing their cardio exercises. Outdoor cardio exercise can be great, warm weather, relaxing nature, scenery, fresh air, and affordable ways to work up a sweat. But somewhere in between, home is still the favorite place to do the cardio workout. Moving outside is easy but working out at home gives some impressive perks of comfort and calm surroundings is a big positive.

So, if you are looking to crunch some calories and spike your heart rate by working out on some cardio exercises at home, we’re here to help you out.

Here are some calorie-burning exercises that can be done easily at home with minimal equipment. 

  • Leg Exercise: 

One can easily turn a lazy Sunday into a mind-blowing leg-day, that too at home. There are many ways for a beginner to get started with cardio exercise at home and leg exercise is one of them. All you need is a resistance band to give you the grip and hold on to your moving muscles. Marching in place is a perfect choice for warm-up or single cardio activity. This exercise can elevate the heart rate. For this, you have to follow these simple steps.

> Keep the feet apart (not more than 3 inches)

>  Keep the feet in a synchronization position

>  Bend the knees slightly and lift one leg off the floor

>  Hold in the position for 10–15 seconds and return the foot to the floor.

  • Air jump rope: 

Air Jump rope is another exercise that has been done in households for ages now. This is an exercise that is done by all age groups. This exercise requires you to keep a jumping rope handy. This exercise provides an alternative to jogging and is best suitable to warm up the entire body. For doing this exercise for Jumping rope, all you have to do is stand with your feet together and jump up and down while swinging the rope in a circular direction.

  • Pedaling with mini-cycles: 

Mini cycles are yet another cardio exercise for beginners at home. By practicing this you can burn 400 calories in just one hour. Apart from this, pedaling from these mini-cycles strengthens your lower body and calves. Your hips, glutes, and legs get enormous strength by practicing this cardio exercise at home. These mini-cycles are made in a way to tone legs, muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, and hip flexors. Cycling or biking is a top-notch cardio workout thus they help in improving overall fitness.

  • Dancing to your favorite music: 

Shaking your leg up is the most underrated cardio exercise of the era that beginners can do at home. You can easily turn your kitchen, your veranda, or even the living area into the dance floor in your leisure time. Dancing to upbeat music can burn calories and turn into a very enjoyable exercise for beginners

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